María Inés López-Ibor
María Inés López-Ibor

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 19th International Conference on Psychiatry and Philosophy with the theme: “Contributions of Neuroscience” which will be organized in Madrid, Spain, from 13 to 15 November 2017 by the Juan José López-Ibor Foundation, the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry and the José Ortega y Gasset – Gregorio Marañón Foundation.

Our constantly changing world is having profound implications on mental health. Therefore, a deeper study of the brain and the significance and impact of neuroscience on the beliefs and the environment of human beings is needed. Philosophical methods bring to psychiatry and thus to neuroscience a type of analysis and critique that are invaluable in their clarity of thought, meaning, and application to practice.

Being aware about the fact that the field of “philosophy and psychiatry” is developing into its own interdisciplinary field, we have organized this conference with the aim to provide a high-quality, comprehensive overview of all topics related to psychiatry, philosophy and neuroscience, intending to promote cross-disciplinary research, providing opportunities for substantial dialogue between philosophers, clinicians, scientists and others.

Madrid is a vibrant and hospitable city, easily accessible from across the world, it combines traditional and modern lifestyles in an unforgettable manner. After enjoying our thought-provoking scientific programme, you will be spoiled with local gastronomy and sightseeing opportunities while experiencing Madrid’s cheerful nightlife.

Looking forward to welcome you in Madrid,

Kind regards,

María Inés López-Ibor
President of the Local Organizing Committee